Fridge tag 2

Fridge – tag steht für präzise Temperaturüberwachung und einfache Bedienung. Differences between internal and external sensors are additionally described. It continuously monitors temperatures every minute, records data and . The Fridge – Tag 2L is available in three configurations.

The first two have preset alarms for either the refrigerator or freezer. Elektronische Kühlschrank-Temperaturüberwachung während der Lagerung, mit USB-Anschluss. The Berlinger Fridge Tag 2L Vaccine Monitor is a CDC-Compliant Data Logger.

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To ensure the optimal potency of vaccines, careful attention is needed in handling practices at. Buy Fridge Tag 2L Vaccine Monitoring Data Logger (FREEZER VERSION), VFC. The Freezer version of the FridgeTag is has an audible and visual alarm . Time, duration and text indicator.

Indicator of activated sensor: Int.